Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone is having a terrific day, filled with friends and family and yummy food.  I'm a little bummed I can't be with my family this year, but it was too hella expensive to get there - I'm thankful I'll be going home for two whole weeks at Christmas, though!  And I’m a little bummed it’s not LAST Thanksgiving, when I was with so many dear ones - we had a tour of a winery and a cooking lesson in Tuscany!  But being thankful for that trip reminds me to get in gear for another trip in 2018.  My frequent flyer miles are slowly but surely getting back up to where they need to be (thank you, work trips!), so I’m hoping to get out of town some day soon.  You'll see photos of the towns I'm seriously considering for next year at the bottom of the post.

Thanks to my new therapist (who will make an appearance below), I remember that I do have some things I’m thankful for this year, even amongst all the things that bring me down.  Thinking about thankfulness is always a good way to raise the spirits.  Oh, and hey, that reminds me - I’m thankful for YOU!  I would never have imagined so many people would read my silly thoughts!  Please always remember how much I appreciate you…

So, in no particular order, I present the stuff I’m supremely thankful for in 2017 (hey, it's  a pretty long list this year, woo hoo!):

  • my wonderful family, most especially my superspecial nephew;
  • my aunt Brenda's improving health;
  • my other/chosen family – darling GNO + 2 and the Coterie;
  • my co-workers, who put up with all my nonsense;
  • watching my Roger win the Australian Open and Wimbledon;
  • Paula Vogel and Indecent;
  • margaritas;
  • tennis week;
  • the Seamless app;
  • Street Theater;
  • dark chocolate Reese’s peanut butter cups;
  • Facebook birthdays;
  • Charles Busch;
  • egg and cheese sandwiches;
  • producing events that honor people/writers I love;
  • my friendly neighborhood drop-off/pick-up laundromat;
  • getting back to teaching (and the students who make it worthwhile);
  • TDF;
  • my Nook;
  • my beautiful goddaughters;
  • AIDS Walk NY;
  • the NY Times crossword app;
  • Restaurant Week;
  • Big Gay Ice Cream;
  • watching dear ones win awards;
  • Febreze plug-ins;
  • old boyfriends who have remained friends and can still make me feel special;
  • expressing my political views on Twitter;
  • my new work office;
  • Murray's Cheese stand in Grand Central;
  • Facebook photos of all the adorable new babies in my extended family;
  • avocado toast;
  • Summer Fridays;
  • my therapist;
  • hugging so many of my dear Fellows at their shows/readings/concerts;
  • Snoopy memes;
  • my Roku;
  • generous Tony voter friends;
  • ginger beer;
  • the My Favorite Year original Off-Broadway cast album;
  • getting to go on so many fun work trips;
  • finding La Spinetta wines at my neighborhood wine stores;
  • Starbucks chocolate-covered madeleines;
  • my superspecial nephew (he deserves two mentions because I love him so much)

last Thanksgiving!

he's a pip!

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