Saturday, October 18, 2014

Flashing Back to NOLA!

I am currently on an itty bitty vacation with my sister (woo hoo!) - she liked the blog post about my trip to Woodstock last fall so much that she wanted to come with me this year.  So that's where we are RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

In true auto-post style, here are some photos from the last trip she and I took together.  We went to San Francisco together in 2002 (I have the trip report, but can't find my photos) and New Orleans in 2003 (I have the photos, but didn't keep a diary, so I have next to no memory of what we did, lol).  I spun my magic wheel and decided to go  If I can remember anything, I'll fill it in.  I hope to get back to New Orleans someday soon - I do remember having a great time, I remember NOT trying enough of the food, and now I have two friends who live there full-time, one of whom owns a B&B.  I think the gods are telling me the time is right for a return...

May 2003:   I vaguely remember being a little worried about our hotel's neighborhood, but it all turned out ok.  The picture below is of the building across the street.  First thing we did was walk towards the water - we stopped in the casino, then took a ferry over to Mardi Gras World.  We didn't take the tour, but we did get a chance to wander around.  We also bought some fun stuff in the gift store.

we hoped to win enough money to pay for our trip, but it didn't happen

I had a guidebook (but not a d*mn guidebook, if you remember my posts from Paris, lol), which had some suggestions for walking tours and sights to see.  So we just walked around and I took pictures:

we did eat here - delicious!!!

oh, hey, a beautiful church ceiling!

I have a vague memory of being yelled at for wandering into this courtyard

I remember I had to practically force my sister to go with me to Edgar Degas' house.  It was a bit out of the way, so it took us a while to get there.  I enjoyed it, I don't think she did.  Afterwards, we did, however, find a cab driver who was willing to be our tour guide at various cemeteries throughout the city.  It turned out he was a Mason, like our dad, so he was especially kind to us.  He even gave us his card, in case we wanted him to drive us around another day.  He was really nice.

had to get this Masonic tomb shot for our dad

We also took a walking tour around the really nice homes in the Garden District.  These homes were really lovely, and if I recall correctly, we actually saw Archie Manning around their home...

we should've bought this one


I know we got a muffaletta at Central Grocery, we got a po' boy at a restaurant in our hotel, and we had the beignets and chicory coffee at Cafe du Monde.  That was about it for the food department.  When I go back, I'll try to do better with the whole restaurant experience.  We did do Bourbon Street one evening and listened to some jazz in Preservation Hall - we had to sit in the back, on the floor, since it was so crowded.  And as we were wandering around, we ran into a friend of my sister's, who got the two photos below.  We had a great time, that much I do remember.  It was easier for my sister to get away when my nephew was a baby; now that he's a teenager, maybe we can sneak away for more sister trips.  At least I hope we can.  There's a whole world for us to see!!

this guy was incredible!!  and he flirted with us all night...

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