Sunday, April 13, 2014

More flying time! And...thanks!!

As of today, I've been blogging for three years!  I can hardly believe it.  Time sure flies, doesn't it?  Sometimes I'll think, 'hey, when did I blog about ____ - last week, right?', and no, it was actually years ago!  I guess as you get older (OLD), time means less and less.  Or something like that.

I went back and took a look at my stats again (well, ok, I'm an obsessive stats checker, but I don't generally look at the 'all time' numbers, just how many people stopped by today) and found some changes in my top ten posts!  Interesting.  And #10 has nearly the same number of views that last year's #2 had!  Hmmmm.  Still interesting.  I think.  But, wait, there are only a couple of posts since last year's tally on the list!  Oh, man, math.  My head is starting to hurt.  Here are the numbers (drumroll please):

  • ABT - Sleeping Beauty, 7/7/11, 299 views
  • Review - The Rascals, 5/1/13, 259 views
  • Post-Italy-trip-report thoughts, 5/12/12, 166 views
  • Review - Ragtime concert, 2/20/13, 124 views
  • Reviews - Golden Child and The Anarchist, 11/24/12, 124 views
  • Weekend with John Kander, 6/4/12, 121 views
  • ABT - Le Corsaire, 7/3/12, 115 views
  • ABT - Onegin plus a lovely curtain raiser, 6/5/12, 108 views
  • Review - Heartless, 8/15/12, 103 views
  • ABT at City Center, 10/19/12, 102 views

These numbers could be off (like, why are the stats different on the All Time page vs the separate page itself?!), because...oh, gee, who knows?  This whole internet thing is beyond me.  And what do the numbers mean anyway?  Uhhhhh.  Probably nothing.  Math is not my strongest suit.  Though, if I think about it, I guess once I started using Twitter to announce new posts, I did notice my stats going up.  Social media strikes again. 

Twice as many people took a look at my blog in the past year - that's mind-boggling to me.  In the past three years, I've typed 376 posts that over 16,000 people have looked at.  Wow.  Just.  Wow.  So, a heartfelt thanks to everyone out in cyberspace, for taking the time to read my silly scribblings.  It means a lot to me to feel that you're out there and that I'm not talking into thin air.  To celebrate, I think I'll post a random photo from the year before I started blogging.  Just because.  See you soon to start blogging year four!!

photo credit: Layne Anderson
(see me in there??)

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