Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 By the Numbers

Happy New Year's Eve to everyone! I hope you're having fun and staying safe, wherever you are.  Was 2017 as wackadoodle for you as it was for me?  I hope not!  It's just been crazy crazy, what with work getting out of control and practically the entire world being even MORE out of control!  I tell you, my therapist has really earned her fees this year.  If only I could get my stupid HSA to reimburse me for them.  Anyway.  For some reason, my yearly stats make me happy, so let's be happy together.  Before the numbers, let's raise a glass together (remember that joyous number from Grand Hotel?  I do, that's why the photo is above) to 2017 - goodbye to what's past and hello to what's coming in 2018.  May there be more theater, ballet, great food, spectacular cocktails, foreign travels, adventurous fun and happier days ahead!!  And maybe one date.  That would be nice, too.  If you’re still reading, here’s how my 2017 stacked up:

  • Theater visits: 67
  • Shows written by women:  34 (Yes!  Let's keep it going!)
  • Shows/concerts/events by my darling Fellows:  20 (Almost a third of my shows, wow!  Let's keep it going!)
  • Ballet visits: 13
  • Readings/workshops: 13 (this is WAY up from last year - yay!)
  • Concerts/cabarets: 8
  • Award presentations:  2
  • New museums: 3 (
  • New restaurants:  12 (this is way down - boo!)
  • Film festivals:  1
  • Movies (part of and not part of film festival):  10
  • Protest marches:  1 (unfortunately, I'll need to do more of this in 2018, I'm sure)
  • New charities:  10 (this year, all of my donations to liberal causes, instead of too many theater tickets, kept me broke more than usual, but it was worth it)
  • Tweets:  374 (that's down a bit, I need to work on that)
  • Trips for work:  4

Here are my 2017 Favorite Theater Pieces.  These are in chronological-ish order, with a couple of my especial favorites in photos at the end...

  • Jitney
  • Dolphins and Sharks
  • The View Upstairs
  • Sunday in the Park with George
  • A Doll's House, Part 2
  • Red Scare on Sunset
  • Somebody's Daughter
  • Cost of Living
  • Bella: An American Tall Tale
  • Assassins
  • The King of the Yees
  • The Bubbly Black Girl Sheds Her Chameleon Skin
  • Pipeline
  • The Red Letter Plays
  • The Band's Visit
  • M Butterfly
  • Terms of My Surrender
  • Describe the Night
  • Once On This Island
  • Honorable mentions to My Favorite Year at 54 Below, The Red Shoes and returns to Dear Evan HansenStreet Theater, Sweat and Indecent
  • Extra honorable mention to seeing the film Finding Babel and attending the post-screening panel discussion between Rajiv Joseph, director David Novack, and Val Vinokur, who has just published a new translation of some of Babel's short stories.  I loved learning more about Isaac Babel (a pivotal character in Rajiv's Describe the Night) and hearing those three passionate, brilliant gentlemen talk about their art was inspiring.  I felt so much smarter after their wonderful words and I maybe cried on the way home about how lucky I am to live in NYC with access to such amazing events.

And, again, thankfully, I had so much good food and drink, I had to do my Top 2017 Food and Beverage Experiences!  These are randomly ordered, with the beverages at the end (oh, man, looking at these photos is making me hungry and thirsty!):

  • avocado toast and shrimp tempura at Blue Dog Kitchen
  • bacon, egg and cheese sandwich at Eggslut (Los Angeles)
  • artisinal bacon tasting platter at Bar Bacon
  • ceviche at Thalia
  • duck wontons at Tree
  • pan con tomate at Jaleo (Washington DC)
  • lamb sausage dumplings at MP Taverna
  • margherita pizza at Sottocasa
  • mini lobster rolls at Joe's Pub
  • pickled rockfish with green papaya at Convivial (Washington DC)
  • roasted chicken at Jams
  • sacher torte at Cafe Sabarsky
  • short rib agnolotti at Charlie Palmer Steak
  • steak tacos at Public School 310 (Culver City)
  • sweet corn arancini at Irvington
  • tagliatelle with summer squash and burrata at Lupa
  • tocinello de cielo at Amada
  • ribeye steak, with carmelized balsamic onions and havarti, sandwich at Capital Grille
  • honey wagon at Bar Bacon
  • killer bee at The Stinger
  • marshmallow latte at Caroline's (Austin)
  • matador at Amada
  • Mexican mule at Iron Cactus (Austin)
  • the cobbler at Blue Dog Kitchen

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